About Saragoths

The Basic Story

Saragoth is a supernatural fantasy manga based in a slightly futuristic version of our world.


The story revolves around a group of high school kids who come face to face with the monsters that humans have been secretly co-existing with only to find out that their best friend Izin is one of these monsters. One who the other “Saragoth’s” are trying to kidnap to take him to the one known simply as “Zepheron”.


Izin and friends are about to embark on an adventure, unlike anything any of them could prepare for, in hopes of stopping the plans of “Zepheron“.


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What is a Saragoth?

Well, this is a little on the heavy lore side to explain, but you asked so gather around! We will simplify it as best as we can.


A Saragoth is a half human and half demon hybrid. Their existence came about after the Great War broke out in Heaven. The angels who followed the rebellious angel who started the war (spoiler, but you’ll learn the name soon enough) were cast out of heaven and sent down to earth, during this process, they changed into Demons due to the power balance shift which happened after the resulting war shattered the “Staff of Creation“, a powerful relic left behind by the gods.


Eventually, a demon named Goth was able to create a dimensional rift in which the dying demons could live, it was called the Underworld. The earth was never built to sustain supernatural beings such as demons, so the longer they stayed on earth they started to lose their lifeforce causing many to die over the centuries.


During this time demons and humans procreated, having offspring who were born with the supernatural powers demons possessed but in a human body. These children flourished while the demons died out as their human body better withstood the harsh earth. Goth, before leaving the human world with the rest of the surviving demons to their new home named all the offspring after himself and his first true love Sarah, thus calling them “Saragoth“.


So, to put it very simply a Saragoth is a half Human/Demon hybrid.


Our Vision

So our vision for Saragoths wasn’t really as big when we started it as it is now. We originally wanted to make Saragoths a full colored 90-page one-shot while leaving the story open to continuing or finishing later on in our studio’s future. We had to cut cost halfway through by doing away with the full colored pages idea and instead focusing on standard black and white pages. Now after doing some extensive revision and reworking of the old lore, we decided we wanted to make it into a full-blown series.


As exciting as that is for us, in order to do a full series we will need to raise a larger budget in order to properly plan out and structure the series and also to rehire the current artist at his new rate.


Your support helps us towards this goal, whether it’s by supporting our patreon or sharing our manga around.


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